Heather Prayer Shawl

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This Heather Prayer Shawl symbolizes admiration and beauty. Heather pink eco-printed flowers signify good luck. If you are drawn to this shawl, you are being called to shine your unique, inner beauty. One way to let your beauty shine through is to cultivate your inner smile. Close your eyes and imagine smiling eyes, allowing the outer corners to lift. Let it spread to the corners of the mouth. Maybe you even bring this smiling energy into the heart space. Allowing your inner beauty to shine, good luck and admiration naturally follows. 

This shawl is a one-of-a-kind piece made from sustainably raised baby alpaca combined with merino and silk. It was hand woven at an artisan weavery, then  botanically dyed with madder roots and indigo . Eco printed silk made into flowers were appliquéd on with a blanket stitch embroidery as an accent . Don it like a cape, turn it to the side , or wrap around and wear it short. Wear it whenever there is a nip in the air or when you want a reminder of your own beauty. 


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