About Me

Hi!  My name is Kathy, artist and founder of Cape Jade. Let me tell you a bit about myself.  

My love affair with beautiful one of a kind clothing began while working as a haute couture model for Yves St. Laurent in Paris during my twenties. It is something that influenced the way I have done things my whole life. Making a unique piece to match someone's uniqueness became a passion for me.

  I initially studied and learned to make one of a kind clothing from an artist/designer in Munich who made children's wear. Each tiny piece was a work of art. After my apprenticeship, I returned to the US and started Blue Moon Kids, a line of big fashion for little people.  

In 2007, I started a luxury environmental accessory line, Lêti-Kât, with model Leticia Herrera, fusing my love of nature and passion for creating art, making hats and accessories from recycled cashmere. Lêti-Kât was sold in high end boutiques across the US. 

In my late 40's, I finally met my soul mate and decided to move to South Africa to be with him. It was time for a new dream. I was starting a new career on a new continent with a new husband! Sounds a little daunting, right? But, it has been so exciting too! 

What if this new dream could incorporate all the facets of who I am now and who I would like to become? What if I could make beautiful pieces for amazing women and have it be a full circle of love?

This is what I have tried to create with Cape Jade.  I live from my heart. I am an artist, a yogi, an Irest meditation teacher,  a lover of life and nature, adventuress and seeker of wholeness. I am passionate about living my life creatively and vibrantly to the fullest and empowering other women to do the same.  This is my story! Check out my brand!